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Copley Woodlands has opportunities for ownership and leasing.  It is a retirement community that presents sound financial options, very high quality services, ease of access and spacious accomodation.  To better inform, please read through our "Frequently Asked Questions about Copley Woodlands, " below.  (For Current Fee Schedule please Click Here)

Why is Copley Woodlands a "retirement community that's also an investment?"
You can own your own home. Instead of paying an entry fee that's gone forever, you purchase a spacious condominium that you or your heirs can sell at anytime.

When I buy my new home at Copley Woodlands, just what will I own?
You will own your entire home from the outside of the interior finished wall and from the plywood subfloor to the exterior of the finished ceiling. You will own all the appliances, electrical and plumbing fixtures - but not the delivery system (complex piping and wiring.)

What about common spaces?
Copley Woodlands owns the common spaces and provides custodial and maintenance services to keep those areas clean and comfortable. 

What if I have to move to a nursing home, or for other reasons, decide to leave Copley Woodlands?
You own your own home - so you can sell your home. Copley Woodlands expects to have a waiting list of qualified buyers to help expedite your sale. Copley Woodlands will charge a transfer fee. (If ownership is in place, there is also an unoccupied space fee.)

Can I leave my home at Copley Woodlands to my heirs?
Of course! Like any real property, you may include your Copley Woodlands home in your will. Should your heirs be qualified and interested in taking up residence, they will be able to do so simply by arranging for the transfer. If not, they are welcome to sell with the same provisions that you, yourself, have for resale. 

Can I rent my home or can my heirs rent my home when I leave it to them?
Yes, in both situations, as long as the tenants qualify under Copley Woodlands Residency criteria and they rent for a period of at least one (1) year.

Who pays the property taxes if I lease a unit from Copley Woodlands? 
It is the responsibility of the owner to pay the taxes to the Town of Stowe.  If you lease a unit from Copley Woodlands, we, as the owner, will pay those taxes .

Who is responsible for this retirement community?
Copley Woodlands is a non-profit entity that is a partnership of Copley Health Systems, University of Vermont Medical Center and residents. The board of director consists of two members from Fletcher Allen, two from Copley and two elected residents. 

Copley Woodlands 125 Thomas Lane Stowe, Vermont 05672 (802) 253-7200 email

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