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“My husband and I feel very fortunate in having decided to make Copley Woodlands our home.  The atmosphere is warm and pleasant; the entire staff is gracious and helpful; there is a feeling that everyone cares.  And last but not least, we are enjoying the friendship of our ‘community’ of fellow residents.  We are happy to be here.”  - Jane & Art McClaskey

The town of Stowe, Vermont was chartered in 1763, although residents didn't arrive in force until 1793. During the next ten years, the majority of available land was sold and settled. The population in 1800 was 316 persons. Stowe's land area, over 50,000 acres, currently has a permanent population of over 3,000.   1897 saw the construction of the Mt.Mansfield Electric Railroad. Carrying passengers and freight until 1932, the train bridged the 11 mile distance between Waterbury VT and Stowe.  Summer tourism was critical to the town's economy through World War I.  In 1913, some Swedish families had taken to moving about in winter on long, narrow, pieces of wood, with the ends upturned . Curious locals tried their hand at this mode of transportation, and the rest is history, with Stowe's reputation as one of the finest skiing experiences (both downhill and Nordic) still holding after nearly 7 decades.  Today, Stowe again offers a year 'round vacation experience as well as a captivating calendar of local events for residents.  The village is easily walked and has a variety of interesting shops, a grocery store, and features several restaurants, with many more just up Route 108, the "Mountain Road."  For more detailed information about Stowe, we invite you to visit the following web links:

Virtual Vermont  |  Stowe Area Association  |  Stowe MAP  |  Stowe Events

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